James Griffin LLC is a practice dedicated to the valuation of businesses and ownership interests in businesses, and to the review of business valuation appraisals prepared by others.


Creating and Managing Value

​Wealth comes from a number of different value drivers. You can create your future valuation strategy right now.

How to Choose a Business Appraiser

​Do you know how to pick a business appraiser that has your best interests in mind?


Value Drivers in Strategic Planning

How do I determine value for strategic planning purposes?


The Appraisal of Closely-Held Business Entities

The appraisal of closely-held businesses presents a unique challenge because of the
lack of sufficient data on the sales of comparable private companies. The business
owner or related parties often require accurate value information for many purposes.
These range from the desire to set a sales price to the settling of disputes over dividing
the value of a business between owners or spouses to the setting of a final value for
estate tax purposes. The business appraiser satisfies the need of all parties for
accurate, objective, third-party developed value information and opinions. The principal
of James Griffin LLC has over a dozen years experience with business valuation and
many more years experience as a financial manager and as an investment professional.