Our Services


Pre & Post Acquisition Services

     Purchase price opinions

     Business and business segment valuations

     Purchase price allocation

     Fairness opinions

     Solvency opinions

     Intangible asset valuations

Corporate Services

     Going concern business valuations

     Business dissolutions

     Valuations for financing

     Value of domestic and foreign subsidiaries

     Valuations for business restructuring

     “Fresh Start” and bankruptcy accounting

     Business interruption

     Third party review and due diligence

     Poison pill and anti-takeover valuations

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

     Pre-development consultations

     Formation support and valuations

     Capital stock valuation and annual updates

     Adequate consideration opinions

Corporate Audit and Tax Support

     Transfer pricing analyses (IRC 3482 & 6662)

     “C” to “S” corporation conversions

     Intangible asset transfers

     Domestic or foreign third party licensing

     Interest allocation (IRC 3861 & 864)

     Worthless securities (IRC 13163)

Intellectual Property

     Patents and proprietary technology and related life studies

     Trademarks and trade names

     Customer lists


     Domestic and international transfer pricing

     Intellectual property based financing

Litigation Support

     Market value opinions

     Economic damage analysis

     Lost profit analysis

     Expert witness testimony

     Shareholder disputes

  Tax Services

     Minority interest valuations

     Majority interest valuations

     Estate and gift planning - minority/control interests

     Family limited partnerships and limited liability corporations

IPO Services

     “Cheap stock” valuations

     Discount analysis and support

     Option Valuations

     Employee stock option plans

     Phantom stock and other incentive plans

     Stock option / warrant appraisals for accounting disclosure

     “Cheap stock” and other SEC related option plans

Other Services

     Valuation of convertible bonds and preferred stocks

     Valuation of fixed income securities

     Market research and analysis